Top 15 Things To See In Washington DC


There is no other place on the earth like Washington DC. The capital of America is arguably one of the world’s leading superpower cities, where history-making judgments are made. Unlike other capital cities, Washington DC isn’t a ‘natural’ place. It was specifically designed to hold United State’s seat of power. However, there are many things to see in Washington DC. If you are ever to plan to visit this place, make sure not to miss these.

What To See In Washington DC? – 15 To Never Miss

Before we list down the best places to see here, we would like to make you aware of few things. Believe it or not, this America’s capital city demands money. With United States government living, DC can get pretty pricey – particularly if you spend most of your time at its central region (which visitors usually do). Happily, some hostels here cater to people, traveling while watching their purse strings.

1. The White House

A view of the North Portico of the White House, Wednesday June 14, 2017 in Washington D.C. (Official White House Photo by Joyce N. Boghosian)

Whenever we had to talk about Washington DC, the first place that hits someone’s mind is none other than “The White House”. A trip to DC without seeing The White House is never complete. Obviously, it is the home of president. An outer view of this building is anti-climactic and the best. However, make a note that you will have to arrive early as huge queues form up at daytime.

2. Corcoran Art Gallery

One of the best places to see in Washington DC is none other than Corcoran. Philanthropist William Wilson Corcoran founded this in the year 1869 and is dedicated to local art scene. Longstanding American and European collections include “Portrait of Madame du Barry” and “Poor Artist’s Cupboard”. You will also see some amazing sculptures, ancient vases, photography series of “Hitler Moves East” and rugs. You can take a tour every Thursday noon at 7 PM and 3 PM on weekends.

3. Teaism

When it comes to best things to see in Washington DC, a place like Teaism certainly can’t be missed. It is known as DC’s best teahouse. It has more than 3 dozen teas, widely ranging from Yinzhen Silver Needle White to Ben Shan Oolong. This restaurant is often complimented for its cuisine. To name a few – Indian tandoor breads, Japanese bento boxes and Thai curries. The popular and reputed magazine “Bon Appétit” reports Teaism as “beautiful and simple retreat”. This is a peaceful alternative to noisy coffee scene. It has locations at
Dupont Circle
Lafayette Park
Penn Quarter

4. Lincoln Memorial

Your visit to DC is almost incomplete without spending few hours here and seeing the America’s most iconic statue. But make sure to be at Lincoln Memorial as early as you can because there at daytime it is no surprising to see huge crowds.

5. Library of Congress

Yet another great place you should not be missing at Washington DC is none other than “Library of Congress”. Tour to this spot is absolutely free and a visitor is sure to enjoy intense history of the architecture, artwork, old structures and ancient texts.

6. Newseum

Washington’s Newseum might seem little expensive because an adult ticket costs $20 here. However, once you are inside, it is truly worth. Visitors can experience history and news broadcast production.

7. Georgetown Cupcake

For that little sweet treat, we recommend you to stop at Georgetown Cupcake. It is renowned and has even won DC Post’s Cupcake Wars in the year 2008 for its delicious Chocolate Ganache. Be ready to wait, as the queue sometimes wraps out to M Street.

8. Ford’s Theatre

A tour to the venue of Lincoln’s assassination is sobering as well as fascinating. Just like other historic sites, you don’t have to pay to enter here. Ford’s Theater Society and National Park service offer presentations about its history. You will also have an option of audio tour with ultimate character actors and high-end sound effects.

9. National Zoo

Located within Rock Creek National Park and covering about 163 acres, National Zoo is something you shouldn’t be missing to see when you are at Washington DC. This huge zoological park is a home to more than 400 different animal species even including bears, lions, giraffes, tigers, sea lions, monkeys, giant pandas and lot more.

10. Great Falls Park

Next on the list of best things to see in Washington DC is none other than “Great Falls Park”. This spectacular eight hundred acre natural park has steep waterfalls with a height of more than 200 foot. Follow the River Trail and enjoy amazing views of Mather Gorge.

11. Penn Quarter

This is located at DC’s downtown and is home to great museums, art galleries, up-market shops, restaurants, nightclubs and theatres.

12. Georgetown

One of the oldest neighborhoods of Washington DC is “Georgetown”. Once (colonial times), it used to be a main commercial centre and port. This vibrant town with 3-lined streets has 200-years old houses. Moreover, you will see bars, shops, restaurants and clubs. Apart from all this, the main attraction of Georgetown is the ultimate “Dragon Boat” festival.

Popularly known to be a “cosmopolitan” neighborhood, this place has some amazing museums, art galleries, foreign embassies, ethnic restaurants and historic homes. In fact, Dupont Circle is known as “hear of Washington’s nightlife”. Once you enter this place, you will see an exclusive fountain, all surrounded by park benches and grass.

14. Old Town Alexandria

Just across the Dc’s river, you will see this picturesque historic town named “Alexandria”. It dates back to 1749, wherein this town was a vital colonial port. However, these days this old town is home to cobbled streets with different museums, colonial houses, shops, churches and restaurants. Moreover, you will have river cruises, ghost tours, historical walking tours and even horse carriage tours.

15. Mt. Vernon Estate

This is situated at shores of Potomac River and is spread at 500 acre. An interesting fact to read about this is that this massive garden is home to George Washington (America’s 1st president). This wonderfully restored 14-room mansion includes furnishings and objects that dates back to 1740s. Visitors are free to explore its salve quarters, mansion, estate grounds, stables, museums and coach houses.


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