Top 3 Beautiful Chinese and Japanese Women


Asian girls are someone who is always admired for their beauty and amazing looks. Though there are many parts in Asia who are just incredible in their looks, I will list some pictures of beautiful Chinese women and beautiful Japanese women in the world.

Top 3 Beautiful Chinese Women Who Are Rich

1.Yang Huiyan

Yang is one of the beautiful Chinese women. She is daughter of real estate founder of Country Gardens, who is China’s major property developers.

2.Yang Lan

One of the most admired beautiful Asian girls with talent is none other than Yang Lan. She is one of the most beautiful Chinese women who always associated as “beauty with brains” type. She is China’s familiar TV interviewers. She is co-owner along with her spouse Wu Zheng’s SunTelevision Cybernetworks, Shanghai in China.

3.Hu Minshan

When we talk about beautiful Asian girls, she is someone makes into the top list. She invested 1 million just for the right for selling PhilipStein TESLAR’s wristwatch in Asia. Many celebrities like Trump, Madonna, adore this watch.

Top 3 Beautiful Japanese Women

1.Norika Fujiwara

She is one of the most beautiful Japanese women, who is popularly called as Japan’s beauty queen. She is flourishing model as well as a talented actor. She even won the esteemed Miss Japan title during 1992. She has done many television serials.

2.Yukie Nakama

Yukie was born in the year 1979 and is a well-known Japanese singer actor as well as former idol. She was a popular choice in playing comic characters.

3. Kou Shibasaki

When we talk about beautiful Japanese women, Kou just fits perfect. Kou is a talented as well as young Japanese actor and singer.


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