5 Animated Movies With New Lessons To Learn


Animation movies have always been my fascination. In my tough times, dog-tired long days of work and shopping, the best relaxing and entertaining stuff is to sit on my couch and play some of the animated movies of all times. The great aspect of these movies would be that it is very simple and people of any age can watch it at any time.

Most of the best animated movies are born out of an animal story. What I mean is that the main character or even the protagonist can be a Dog or an Ant! Interesting and of course something which can never happen in real life. J

Source: plotmonkeys.com

Animated movies are not just for kids anymore!! It can sweep you away in just a few minutes. Although audience doesn’t have to invest much of their thoughts into watching an animation movie, there had been lot of hard ships and research undergone by the makers of the movie, to bring an exciting movie.. Is there any secret behind this. Let’s find it out. Here are some reasons I think are inevitable.

1.Animals never behave like humans in real life. Is there any opposition?

To make this clearer to you, I would take one example. In the movie, Feast (2014); yes I’m talking about the Oscar winning animated short film.

In this movie, you will find very touchy, fun and cute instances. The dog seems to be very emotional that he understands that his master is feeling sad because he was missing his girlfriend! Fantastic! I wish I ever had such an intelligent and emotional dog so that he could go and tell all the Bollywood stars to stay away from AIB Roast. Such an emotional harassing show has never been born in India, I suppose. J

2.If Remy, the rat is somewhere around, please come down to my home. I will appoint you as my cook.

I’m taking about the rat who wishes to become a great chef. Hope you got the name of the movie. Yes, it is Ratatouille. In this animation movie, Remy is dreaming of becoming a great chef, well known all over the world and he is very sure about that. In real life, if we find any rat which cooks like Remy, then I doubt how many of you will eat the food it prepares.

3.Unusual Animal Friendship

Lion and zebra get along really well in Madagascar series of animated movies. But it proves exactly wrong about what I was taught at schools and what I thoroughly had believed. I think it was a misconception I had in my mind about the fact that zebra is lion’s prey. I felt surprised and blamed my teachers for telling me such nonsense in the class.

4.Animals also adopt kids. Impressive!

In kungfu panda, Po, the panda hero is having a step dad or else we can say he is the adopted son of Mr. Ping, a goose. Also while we watch the movie, we find out that Tai Lung is the adopted son of Master Shi fu. Oh my God! How many adopted fathers and sons? Hope this is not greater than human adoption numbers. J

 5.Ants can fall in love easily

This story is about hero, Z and the gorgeous heroine, princess Bala. Bala who is too much suffocated of her royal life finds her happiness after falling in love with Z. Hey! Don’t get swayed away I’m talking about Antz, the animation movie telling the tale of ants’ colony and the ups and downs in their lives. Please don’t get confused.


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